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LVP installed in entryway.

What is SPC flooring? 5 FAQs

What is SPC flooring? 5 FAQs. Stone Polymer Composite flooring is a type of luxury vinyl that is more resistant to dents than WPC flooring. WPC stands for Wood Polymer Composite; it was the original type of luxury vinyl. WPC is generally softer and quieter underfoot, while SPC is considered more durable. Both the durability and the sound dampening vary

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NuFloor LVP install

4 Key Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank

When it is time for a homeowner to consider what type of flooring to install, they should look at 4 key benefits of luxury vinyl plank and put LVP at the top of the list. Luxury vinyl plank is affordable. Compared to hardwood LVP comes in well under budget. Compared to laminate it is slightly higher priced. Most importantly the

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LVP install Palacio Fino Affordable Luxury Vinyl Plank

Affordable Luxury Vinyl Plank

Affordable luxury vinyl plank is appropriate for every room. It is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood. These photos of a luxury vinyl plank flooring installation in Laguna Hills, California show a beautiful example of waterproof flooring. The look and feel of traditional European White Oak is captured in this luxury vinyl plank flooring. Natural textures and earth tones come out

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Luxury vinyl plank installed in living-room.

American Flooring Luxury Vinyl Plank

We are pleased to share pictures of an installation in a beautiful Mission Viejo home. The luxury vinyl plank or LVP flooring shown in these photos is made by American Flooring. It is from the Metropolitan Collection in the color San Diego. The type is SPC, or stone polymer core flooring that is solid and highly durable. It is an

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DreamWeaver Select Chelsea installed on stairs

DreamWeaver Select Chelsea

We are happy to share these installation photos of a house in Mission Viejo, CA. The carpet is DreamWeaver Select Chelsea Collection in the color Highwinds. This carpet is durable and suitable for stairs and any room in the house. The pattern is created with the cut-and-loop method. The tough fiber is 100% PureColor® Solution Dyed Polyester featuring TwistX™ it

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Tarkett carpet in living room

2023 Carpet Guide: How Long Does Carpet Last?

There are a few ways to answer the question, how long does carpet last? When the question is typed into Google search, it says 5 to 15 years. One would assume that is an average of several answers on the web. A few things that affect carpet life expectancy are traffic, fiber, face weight, and maintenance. If you keep a

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Anderson Tuftex patterned carpet

2023 Carpet Guide: 3 Reasons Why to Install Carpet in Your Home

Why has carpet always been a popular flooring choice? Beauty, comfort, luxury, insulation, safety, noise reduction, warmth, design, and price are all important reasons to choose carpet. Let’s look at 3 reasons why to install carpet in your home. 1- Carpet is Beautiful Beauty, when it comes to carpet, is revealed in the context of your personal taste and what

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LVP installation in kitchen

Luxury Vinyl Plank an Excellent Choice for Every Room

We are pleased to share pictures of an installation we recently completed in a beautiful Mission Viejo home. The luxury vinyl plank or LVP flooring shown in these photos is made by American Flooring. It is from the Metropolitan Collection in the color Seattle. It is an SPC, or stone polymer core flooring that is solid and highly durable. It

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LVP Install

Luxury Vinyl Installation Photos

We recently installed luxury vinyl plank in this beautiful home in Mission Viejo. The flooring is manufactured by American Flooring. It is a durable, waterproof selection from the Natural Plus Collection in the color Big Bend. LVP installation photos throughout the home of American Flooring Natural Plus Collection, color Big Bend. Click the photo for more info. Why is it

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Remote worker with lots of green plants

3 Things That Will Drive 2023 Interior Design Trends

What are 3 things that will drive 2023 Interior Design trends? “Indoors and outdoors are more closely connected visually and that inspires an overall coordination of the palette. Outdoor settings, natural colors and materials are heavily influencing design because they foster a wellness mindset.” Charla Pettingill, director of product design at Shaw Floors. The 1st Trend Driver is Human Interaction

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Atlantis carpet by Dreamweaver

7 Reasons to Choose Dreamweaver Carpet

Durability- Dreamweaver carpet is made with high-quality fibers that are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and wear. This makes it a good choice for busy households or commercial spaces. The synthetic fibers are extruded and in some options utilize a new backing called “PureBac.” It is lighter than older types of backing and does not contain latex. An added

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Durable European Oak hardwood flooring by Garrison

When A Tree Falls In The Forest…

Gather some wood and bring it home because it is proven to help you relax. In a research paper titled: “Physiological Effects of Touching Wood,” by 3 scientists at Chiba University in Japan, it is shown that touching wood has a significant relaxing effect on people compared to marble, tile, and stainless steel. The researchers painstakingly prove what most of

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Apollo, Nasa Collection luxury vinyl plank installation

NASA Collection by Apollo Flooring

Price $6.56 per square foot installed Apollo Flooring NASA Collection is high quality luxury vinyl flooring. When you choose this flooring your get the benefit of the look and feel of real wood, a highly durable surface that is 100% waterproof, scratch and dent resistant, works on most subflooring, easy hassle-free maintenance, good for both residential or commercial, and fade

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Hardwood flooring in living room with woman on a couch

What Hardwood flooring is ahead of the trend in 2023?

What hardwood flooring is ahead of the trend in 2023? In 2022 middle value, warmer wood grains rose in popularity, and we expect that to continue. We think homeowners are looking for subtle ways to mix things up a bit while staying on trend. That’s why we think in 2023 a new hardwood flooring by Anderson Tuftex called Joinery will

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LVP install living room-entry

Aliso Viejo Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation

We recently completed a luxury vinyl plank flooring installation in Aliso Viejo, California. The product is made by SLCC, Treasure Lakes Collection, color Iceberg. Also on this topic We appreciate your reviews! Andrew Korn★★★★★7/20/2022 Read More Saddleback Carpet and Flooring did a phenomenal job removing carpet and installing Luxury Vinyl throughout our entire house. Not only does Jerry do great

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2 kids with their Mom dancing on carpet

6 Things to Consider When Shopping for Carpet

Durability What is more important, durability or comfort and style? High traffic areas like the entry way and stairs are better served by a durable low-profile carpet. The living room and bedrooms often get a softer plush carpet. If you know you will be staying in the house short term. For instance, if you plan on moving in 5 years,

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Apollo luxury vinyl plank installation

Planet Collection by Apollo Flooring

Price $7.29 per square foot installed Apollo Flooring Planet Collection is high quality luxury vinyl flooring. When you choose this flooring your get the benefit of the look and feel of real wood, a highly durable surface that is 100% waterproof, scratch and dent resistance, works on most subflooring, easy hassle-free maintenance, good for both residential or commercial, and fade

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MSI Surfaces waterproof hardwood with dog shaking

Why Can Hardwood Floors Stand Up to Real Life?

It is natural to worry about the durability of hardwood. Spills, pets, houseplants, leaky pipes, dents, and scratches all threaten to mar the beauty and diminish the value of hardwood. Why can hardwood floors stand up to real life? Advances in technology have made hardwoods more durable. Today brands like MSI Surfaces and Shaw Floors have developed 100% waterproof hardwood

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Girl on carpet with a puppy

5 Reasons You Can Enjoy Carpet with Your Pets

We love our pets. According to the National Pet Owners Survey, 70% of U.S. households have a pet. Is your floor tough enough to handle living with a dog? Are you confident that housetraining a cat or dog won’t ruin your floor? Carpet manufacturers are constantly improving their products to handle the mess our 4-legged friends leave behind. Here are

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Apollo Flooring Roman Collection

Price $7.65 per square foot installed Apollo Flooring Roman Collection is high quality luxury vinyl flooring. When you choose this flooring your get the benefit of: the look and feel of real wood, a highly durable surface that is 100% waterproof, scratch and dent resistant, quick and easy installation, works on most subflooring, easy hassle-free maintenance, good for both residential

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Laminate flooring installation

Not Your Fathers Laminate Floor

Today flooring manufacturers like Shaw and Tarkett are making products that are not your father’s laminate flooring. What has changed is the quality of product because of advances in technology and factory processes. Laminate flooring is still made in 5 layers. From the bottom of the stack there is the underlayment of cork or foam which absorbs impacts, evens out

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Kitchen remodel flooring

5 Remodeling Tips

Is it time to remodel your kitchen? Cabinets, countertop, sinks, and appliances are often the first things that come to mind on a kitchen remodel but be sure to plan early on what type of flooring to install. Saddleback Carpet & Flooring often comes out before and during a kitchen remodel to measure the area and help homeowners select the

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Area rug and luxury vinyl installation by Saddleback Carpet

What is the current trend in area rugs?

What is the current trend in area rugs? A popular choice is to have an area rug custom made to fit your room by a carpet manufacturer. An area rug can transform a space by creating a special feeling that some call a “living island” for each area where they are installed. The open floor plan architectural style of modern

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Luxury vinyl flooring installed in dining area

5 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Plank is the Best Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has 5 things that make it the best flooring: padding, rigid core, beauty of wood or stone, an impervious wear layer and ease of installation. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has a built-in pad for comfort and sound. The padding on the bottom of LVP rigid flooring can be made of synthetic or cork material. Either way

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Installation of oak hardwood in the livingroom

What is the best kind of hardwood flooring?

The best hardwood flooring can be selected by evaluating these key factors: The look and feel of the species and grain. The style of the plank’s width, color, texture, and finish. Solid wood or engineered wood. The durability of the wood. The characteristics of the installation location. All these factors are important and need to be balanced with budget considerations.

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Grandpa and Granddaughter enjoying carpet

Why Is Carpet the Best Flooring?

Sometimes it’s fun to find a comfy spot and ponder life. Was the red carpet ever rolled out for him? What kind of awards are in her future? How long can I relax here before Mom’s yoga class begins? Carpet is associated with cultural highlights Movie stars aren’t welcomed to an awards show with vinyl, stone, or wood because there

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Happy interior designer

Why Choose SPC Vinyl Plank Over Other Types of Flooring?

There are 3 general categories of flooring to compare with SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank. Let’s start with hardwood flooring and laminate flooring, this category obviously is mostly wood products in either an engineered format or in the case of solid wood it is just cut down from the way nature made it. SPC is an excellent fire retardant compared to

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Odette Ex, Interior Architect

Find Your Interior Design Imagination with Tarkett Carpet

Guidance from an interior architect “The inspiration is nature. A foliage, a forest, that is the inspiration that triggered us to bring into interiors, into homes, into offices, and into hotels. And with these carpet designs we have light patterns, deliberately intensified dark patterns. And surprising bold designs. Making it so you can create stunning areas. A light zone that

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Shaw Pantheon HD installation in the color Orso

Shaw Pantheon HD Plus Luxury Vinyl

For a limited time get 20% Off Click Here to Save 20% Now Don’t miss this special promotion! Shaw Floors is one of our premiere manufacturers and we are pleased to offer a 20% discount on this high quality flooring for the next 90 days. Offer expires on Saturday August 21st, 2022. We want to be sure you are aware

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Republic floors Designer Pro series

Waterproof Flooring That Looks Like Wood Stone or Tile

Have you ever raced to wipe up a spill on a hardwood floor? How long does it take for the water to get under the planks? Standard laminate floors are ruined after 1 hour of immersion, but today there are products that are 100% waterproof. The planks are manufactured with stable waterproof materials and backed by long term warranties. For

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Wide plank hardwood floor installation

4 Ways to Choose Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are beautiful and popular because the variation and character of the trees comes through in the grain. It is said that the highest praise is imitation, and hardwoods are imitated today in countless products from laminate to luxury vinyl. They are a great option if you want to save some money and time on the installation. But sometimes

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Happy Toddler on hardwood floor

5 Ways to Make Happy Feet

Does your floor make your feet feel happy, comfortable, and stylish? 2022 is shaping up to be a year of bringing back the classic styles and combining them with pizazz. Let’s discuss 5 ways to renovate your flooring and make your visitors feel happy to stand on your floor. Spark Imagination Let’s start with a bold trend in 2022, arranging

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Commericial carpet installation

4 Benefits of Commercial Carpet

Ease of Installation and Repair The first benefit is the ease of installation. Probably what comes to mind when we think of commercial carpet is a tough low-profile product that does not stand out because it is strictly business. Commercial carpet comes on rolls or in carpet tiles. The tiles are practical because when the business must move furniture, cubicles,

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luxury vinyl plank installation in kitchen

3 Things that Make Long Lasting Flooring

What is the longest lasting type of flooring? Traditionally, ceramic tile or stone can last for centuries. Wood when properly installed and maintained can last a long time too. Let’s talk about 3 things that make long lasting flooring in any material.1. Correct Installation- Ideally, have the installation done by an expert. But if you plan to install your own flooring.

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2022 Flooring Guide

Simplify! 2022 Flooring Guide is a summary of considerations when shopping for flooring. How does a homeowner balance budget, design, and installation? If your main floor has a variety of flooring products, consider picking one flooring that can unify the look. In the past, high traffic areas were covered with tile, and lower use areas were covered in carpet or

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Worker installing flooring

What is a floating floor?

Engineered wood, luxury vinyl, and laminate are all three products that can be floated. Engineered wood has the option of being glue down as well. The advantage of a floating floor is if one of the planks get damaged, it is very easy to remove a base board from a wall, start unlocking the locking mechanisms, and get to that

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Flooring interior designers are buying

What kind of flooring are interior designers buying right now? Saddleback Carpet and Flooring works with a lot of interior designers. We are helping them install luxury vinyl in mid-priced or high-end homes. The benefit is extreme durability, it is 100% waterproof from the surface, it is a floating floor, and it is extremely pet friendly. Installation is typically half

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Waterproof flooring after install

How Does it Look to Replace an Old Floor?

Upgrade your old flooring to 100% Waterproof Luxury Vinyl How does it look to replace an old floor? There are several advantages to replacing your old flooring with new engineered products. First of all, there are many highly durable luxury vinyl products that are engineered to hold up under high traffic and are not vulnerable to water damage. In this

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How to Prepare A House For Resale

When working with homeowners who want to position their home to sell. We come up with a few really good cost-effective solutions for them. One of them is a carpet that looks very expensive that is mid-grade price wise. Another product that we do a lot of right now is a mid-range luxury vinyl. What a lot of realtors are

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Repair or replace damaged flooring

How To Repair a Damaged Floor

When flooring is damaged by water in part of the house and the homeowner wants to match the old flooring in only the damaged areas, the problem is many products are discontinued after 3 years on the market. This makes it difficult to find the exact product, but Saddleback Carpet & Flooring does a really good job of matching the

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Popular Carpet Now

What is the most popular carpet style right now? In today’s environment, most people are looking for a low profile carpet. It is what is called a cut loop pattern carpet. The reason is that a lot of people are sensitive to allergens and dust mites. Some of the high pile loose plush carpets retain more dust if they are

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Carpet installed in bedroom

Shaw Emergence Carpet

Install new carpet before your Holiday guests arrive! Shaw Emergence carpet is distinctively stylish and durable. Part of the Bellera collection featuring high performance fiber with R2X® built-in stain & soil protection and LifeGuard® Spill-Proof Backing™. Plus, it’s all covered by our No Surprises, Worry-Free™ Warranty. There’s time to get new carpet installed before the Holidays! Impress your guests.Shaw carpet

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Kitchen Flooring intallation

Stone Polymer Composite Flooring

Advantage Series: Nordic Collection SPC 100% Waterproof RIGID CORE SPC – Stylistically Pure The Scandinavian style focuses on light and space and is a symbol of a Healthy, Sustainable and Practical Lifestyle. The Advantage Series: Nordic Collection Rigid Core SPC is inspired to be stylistically pure, simplistic, & uncluttered. The Nordic Collection is 100% Waterproof, GreenGuard Gold & FloorScore Certified

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Hardwood flooring installation

Land Mark Hardwood Flooring

The Land Mark Collection is made from the highest quality of European oak offering premier wide planks. The Collection has a reactive satin finish that enhances the natural beauty of the European oak. This Collection has a modern, elegance, and sophisticated colors just like a piece of timeless landmark that withstands the tests of time. Land Mark is from Crystal

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luxury vinyl plank

Visualize a New Floor

When you are considering installing a new floor, whether you want luxury vinyl, carpet, or commercial carpet, it helps to see a photo. The EF-EYE® Visualizer is changing the way that consumers purchase flooring. This innovative tool gives shoppers the opportunity to see exactly what Dream Weaver carpet, Pentz commercial carpet, and Engineered Floors Hard Surfaces luxury vinyl products would

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Dripping towel is not a problem vinyl plank is waterproof

Technological Advances in Engineered Waterproof Flooring

Water damage is a common problem. Sometimes it is caused by someone splashing in the tub and not quickly cleaning it up. Or, it could be a leak from an appliance or plumbing. Today you have lots of alternatives in flooring products that are not easily damaged by water. Saddleback Carpet and Flooring are experts at removing damaged flooring and

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Compare carpet to vinyl plank

Frequently Asked Questions Carpet vs Vinyl Plank Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions Carpet vs Vinyl Plank Flooring When in the market for new flooring many frequently asked questions come up. We have compiled a list of the most asked questions when it comes to carpet and vinyl plank flooring. Which is better carpet or vinyl? Vinyl is more durable than carpet and well-suited to areas that attract a hive of

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Close up of intaller fitting planks

Why Springtime is the Best Time to Replace Your Flooring

Why Spring Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Flooring Spring is a season for new beginnings, and that includes your homes flooring. The weather is finally warming up. When the sun shines brightly, your thoughts turn to brightly colored flowers, new shrubs, and other landscaping ideas for the outside of your house. But that doesn’t mean your

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Renovating your staircase

Renovating your staircase? Best Flooring Options for Stairs

Renovating your staircase? Best Flooring Options for Stairs The staircase is a high-traffic area in every house with daily movement up and down. As a result, stairs are a focal point in a home and a highly visible space that necessitates both style and a durable flooring material. Since staircases are not susceptible to water, a variety of flooring materials

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Installation in doorway

Floors Designed to Last Top 5 Durable Flooring Options

Floors Designed to Last Top 5 Durable Flooring Options Are you shopping for new flooring in your home, but you don’t know which option to choose? Making a choice can be daunting when it comes to choosing new floors. There are so many choices out there, after all, how do you know which one is best for your home? Saddleback

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Carpet buying guide local flooring

2021 Carpet Buying Guide

Carpet Buying Guide We know that purchasing new carpet is an essential purchase. At Saddleback Carpet & Flooring, we want to make it as stress-free as possible when you go out and start shopping for new flooring. Let us show you how to pick and what to expect from the many different carpet products out there. Let’s get ready to

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Showroom 2000sf of flooring options

4 of the Most Affordable Flooring Options

It is important to factor in the cost of new flooring when remodeling a house. One of the best things about new floors is that you can model an entire room around them so finding stunning, quality choices is essential. But when you’re a homeowner renovating on an already tight budget, finding an inexpensive flooring alternative is even more important.

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rolling out the carpet

Carpet Buying Guide

We know that purchasing new carpet is an essential purchase. At Saddleback Carpet & Flooring, we want to make it as stress-free as possible for your outing. Let us show you how to pick and what to expect from the carpet. Set your goals before you shop for fresh carpets. For every household and occasion, there is a number of

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Wine spill on carpet

Why you should get new flooring before the holidays

Whether it is your first time hosting a get together this year or you’ve kept the title of “host with the most” for several years, before the holidays, there’s no better time than now to shop for new floors. Creating a comfortable environment for your guests is one of the keys to hosting a great holiday party. When updating the

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Step Out of the Darkness with Light, Natural Colors

Light or dark flooring provides completely different looks and you should consider carefully before selecting new flooring for a home. While dark flooring offers a dramatic contrast with light interiors, these floors show the dirt, while a light flooring may not be your cup of tea. Ultimately, the decision is completely in your hands, although one of our flooring experts can

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Carpet cleaning white floor

How to keep your carpet looking guest ready

How to keep your carpet looking guest ready. The holiday season is approaching and you might be thinking that your carpet could use a good cleaning before guests arrive. There are a few things you can do every day to maintain your carpet’s appearance and when to hire a professional cleaner. Daily Care The best way to protect your carpet

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Making decisions

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Flooring

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Flooring Waterproof is a big word. It means “Water won’t affect me at all”. Having a waterproof floor doesn’t mean your entire house will handle major flooding, but once it is all cleaned and dried off the Waterproof Luxury Vinyl can be put back in place rather than thrown away. Waterproof flooring comes to the rescue

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Dream Weaver Showroom Display

What’s New in the Saddleback Carpet & Flooring Showroom

What’s New in our Showroom Saddleback Carpet & Flooring has exciting news. Thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, the newest styles of carpet are now available in our showroom. Dream Weaver will bring a brand new line of style and design, focused patterns, textures and colors into a standalone collection called DW Select. Style DW Select carpet from Dream Weaver

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Carpet allergies

Carpet Allergies

Carpeting can make a room feel cozy. But it can also house allergens, which get kicked into the air whenever it’s walked on. This can happen in even in the cleanest house. Pollen and microscopic irritants living in your carpet can come from inside and outside, and can also come in on the bottoms of shoes, or through open windows.

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Dirty carpet

What is the average lifespan of Carpet?

What is the average lifespan of Carpet in your home? When you start to shop for carpet, you will notice that the large selection of styles and brands to choose from can be overwhelming. It might seem like carpets are created equal and seem similar, but different styles of carpet last for different amounts of time. This has to do

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Cork Flooring Installation

What is Cork Flooring?

What is Cork Flooring? Although cork flooring has been around for many decades, it has recently become in high demand, due mostly to the fact that it is a “green” natural renewable material. It can be used without the guilt associated with using fine hardwoods from old-growth forests or tropical rainforests. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Beneficial

One of the most notable ways of standing out is using mind-blowing flooring. Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring makes use of various printing techniques.  The designs created are meant to maintain the textures of stone grooves and wood grains. Luxury vinyl flooring is not only cost-effective but also highly beneficial. In today’s flooring market, luxury vinyl flooring is starting

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Expert Carpet Installation

What is the Best Carpet for Rental Properties?

What is the Best Carpet for Rental Properties? Investors have a lot of design decisions to make as they set up their rental property. Can you guess what it is? It’s under your feet. The flooring you choose can make an impact on the overall cleanliness of your property. If dirt, liquids, and other stains are not cleaned up, you

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office carpet installation

What is Stain-Resistant Carpet & How Does it Work

What is Stain-Resistant Carpet? Unfortunately, scientists haven’t yet figured out a way to produce a completely stain-proof carpeting. The good news is that stain-resistant carpet, though not guaranteed against all staining, makes it faster, simpler, and easier to keep your carpets looking as fresh and bright as the day they were purchased. How Does Stain-Resistant Carpet Technology Work? There is

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Picking a carpet color

What is the most popular carpet color?

The most popular carpet color is beige although it has an undeserved reputation for looking dull and being a little too safe. However, the great thing about beige is that it compliments most other colors. Warm Colors Warm colors such as red really help to brighten up the room and create a cozy ambience. Red carpets often go well with neutral and warm colored walls

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Carpet installation on stairs

Best Types of Carpeting for Stairs

Carpets protect stairs from wear and tear and can help to prevent slips and falls. People, pets and dragging heavy items can take their toll on stairs and their coverings. Because of their heavy traffic and frequent use, it’s important to find carpet for steps that can handle the abuse that comes with day to day use. Pairing the carpeting

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Costs Money tends to have the biggest impact on home improvement project elements. Educate yourself with the cost drivers for flooring projects so prices don’t come unexpected. You may be thinking you can save some money by taking on this project yourself, but that depends on other things like your skill level and availability. It’s important to lay out all costs

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Common questions to ask your sales associate when purchasing new carpet or hard surface flooring.

1. Is this product compatible with my lifestyle? Different styles of flooring suit different types of lifestyles. For example, in areas where kids will be playing will most likely need a durable, stain-resistant floor. A sales associate can help you narrow down floor options based on. 2. Are there any hidden costs? Depending on where you purchase your flooring, things

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Top Materials for Kitchen Countertops

Top Materials for Kitchen Countertops Granite Granite defines elegance in a kitchen. Even modest kitchens seem like luxury spaces when flavored by the beauty of granite countertops.  Pros: Almost impervious to heat Very strong and durable Nearly maintenance-free when treated with newer sealers Cons: Slabs may have imperfections Stone is porous and requires sealing to avoid stains Can crack if

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Best Practices for Carpet Maintenance

How Often to Vacuum Carpet Most of us don’t vacuum every day but prefer to run the vacuum regularly to keep the home feeling fresh and clean. Although vacuum cleaners keep our carpets tidy, some people say that vacuum cleaners damage carpet fibers. This is because a rotating beater bar or brush pulls, stretches, and wears out carpet fibers. While

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Hypoallergenic Carpet Options & Maintenance

Many people with allergies worry that installing carpets in their house could make their allergies worse, but the good news is that doesn’t have to be true. If you have allergies but crave the cozy feeling of wall-to-wall carpeting, there are hypoallergenic options out there. What is Hypoallergenic Carpet? There is no formal industry standard for hypoallergenic carpet, so it’s

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Saddleback Carpet & Flooring Top Five Bathroom Flooring Options

Saddleback Carpet & Flooring Top Five Bathroom Flooring Options Choosing flooring for your bathroom is far different than choosing flooring in other parts of the house. Water is prevalent in bathrooms and it will quickly ruin the wrong flooring. 1. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Porcelain tile is the best of all worlds for bathroom flooring, as it is waterproof, stylish, and cost-effective.

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Carpet Trends & Carpet Ideas

Carpet Trends & Carpet Ideas  Keep your home up-to-date starting with your floor. Carpet manufacturers are using technology to their advantage creating never-before-seen patterns and jaw-dropping new features. Hint: They can make carpet now that is 100% waterproof Plush Carpet Softness is exactly what makes carpet special, and that ultra softness is something hard floors just cannot compete with. The

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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger With the Right Flooring

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger With the Right Flooring. No matter what floor plan or style of architecture, it seems like every house has that one room that looks too small no matter how it is decorated. Choosing Color Tones Lighting is said to be a key element in opening up a space. A light-colored flooring such

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Best Flooring Options & Ideas for Kitchens

Best Flooring Options & Ideas for Kitchens. How do you figure out what the best flooring for kitchens is? Kitchen Floors have a big job to do, take on spills and stains, and looks great while doing it. The kitchen is the hardest-working room in the house. It’s where your friends and family gather for meals, and anytime you entertain, everyone

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What is Berber Carpet? Learn All About Berber Carpet

What is Berber Carpet? The most traditional and widespread use of the term berber is when it is used to describe loop carpets. A loop carpet is a type of construction that is created when the yarn is sewn or tufted into the backing and left uncut (cut pile carpets are created when these loops are cut). There are some

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Why carpet padding is SO important.

Why carpet padding is SO important We understand that it’s important for consumers to get the highest-quality comfort for their home. We collaborate with you to create the precise level of cushion to absorb impact, keep floors soft and carpets lasting longer Recommended for heavy traffic residential applications Reduces energy costs Improves comfort – reduces fatigue & noise transmission Extends

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Waterproof Flooring Options

Waterproof Flooring Waterproof flooring has been in high demand in the flooring market. Its ability to be installed in high moisture areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, makes it a much desired product. Flooring companies all over the U.S. promote the waterproof feature of this material, but leave out important information that may impact buyer decisions. Luxury Vinyl

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Installation Methods for Engineered Wood: Floating vs. Glue Down

Installation Methods for Engineered Wood: Floating vs. Glue Down             When it comes to engineered hardwood, there are two common installation methods that you should consider; floating or glue down. Here is some basic information about these two methods so you can understand the difference. Floating Method             A floating floor means that the floor is locked or glued together,

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Carpet Protection

Carpet Protection: Dreamweaver, Shaw, Phenix Dreamweaver             The construction of Dreamweaver’s carpet is built to stand up against daily challenges such as heavy foot traffic, spills, dirt & debris, etc. They use solution dyed fiber in all of the carpet that they make. Solution dyed carpet is the consistency of the color all the way through the fiber. The color

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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Floors                 Bamboo floors are a very durable product. They can look fairly similar to hardwood, and share many of the same pros and cons that hardwood has. However, they come from different plants. Bamboo is a type of grass, while hardwood comes from lumber and trees. This means that there are some differences between bamboo and hardwood that

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Shaw’s Extreme Nature

Recently, Shaw has come out with a new line of engineered wood that is a part of their Extreme Nature collection, called Reflections. This line embraces the natural wood look, emphasizing the knots and grains in the planks. In addition to the natural wood look, these are the widest and longest engineered hardwood planks that you can get manufactured in

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Underlayment is the layer between your subfloor, and your new floor. It was made to go beneath all types of floors, having many qualities that improves the performance of your floors. These are the benefits of underlayment: Sound absorbent, it reduces impact noise such as footsteps, making your floors quieter when walked on. It can act as a moisture barrier,

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Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Making a Small Room Look Bigger           There are many people who struggle with making a smaller room appear larger. Décor, wall paint, and flooring are all determining factors on making a room look more open. Here is a guide to choosing the right type of flooring that will help make your smaller room appear more spacious. Color: Picking the

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Transition Molding

Transition Molding If you are installing new floors in your home, you may run into the topic of transition pieces. Transition pieces seam floors together so that there are no areas that may look unfinished or unprotected. There are several different types of transition moldings that serve different purposes. Here is some information about each of the transition pieces. Multi-purpose

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Illustration of steel ball embedded half way into wood sample

What is the Janka Hardness Test?

What is the the Janka Hardess Test? The Janka Hardness Scale was invented in 1906 by Austrian wood scientist Gabriel Janka. The test measures the hardness of different species of hardwood, which is helpful when determining their resistance to scratches and damage. The test measures the amount of force required to push a .444 inch diameter steel ball halfway into

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Quartz of Course!

Quartz of Course! Quartz is an engineered stone made out of 90% ground quartz and 10% stone chips, resins, polymers and pigments. Given that quartz is such a hard material, it is going to be more durable than a granite or marble choice.  Quartz is highly durable as it is resistant to heat, scratches, and even water absorption. Another factor

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Tips For Your Next Carpet Purchase

Tips For Your Next Carpet Purchase Carpet             Carpet is one of the softest flooring materials in the market and has been around for decades. The fibers in carpet have been improved year after year making carpet more durable than ever. You can go with many different styles in carpet: plush, patterned, cut and loop etc. With the many styles

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Shaw Laminate Install

Laminate Basic Information

Laminate Basic Information Laminate flooring is a synthetic product, made to imitate the look of natural wood, stone, or tile. The construction of laminate consists of four layers of material that are fused together to make the final product. The very bottom is a backing layer designed to stabilize the flooring and resist moisture. The following layer is a dense

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Light versus Dark Floors

Light versus Dark Floors Determining the color of your floor can be very difficult. There are many components that go into making your final decision. The paint on your walls, décor, and care and maintenance all come into play when deciding between light or dark floors. The most noticeable detail about your floor is the color, so taking the time

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Care and Maintenance for all Floors

Care and Maintenance for all Floors For LVP, WPC, & SPC Use a damp cloth to blot spills as soon as they happen to prevent stains. Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly as dust particles may scratch or dull for floor’s finish layer. Damp mop as needed with clean water and nonabrasive floor cleaner. Periodically clean your floors with a product

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Saddleback Tips: Porcelain Tile over Ceramic Tile

Saddleback Tips: Why Choose Porcelain Tile over Ceramic Tile When discussing what type of tile to use in your bathroom, kitchen, shower etc., you may be wondering which type of tile is best for you, porcelain or ceramic. Their durability make them a much desired product and homeowners love the wide variety of options in color and style. Despite the

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Saddleback’s 4 Critical Carpet Installation Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Saddleback’s 4 Critical Carpet Installation Mistakes & How to Avoid Them Installing carpet in your home is usually easier said than done. For exceptional Carpet Installation, there needs to be: Precise measuring The right equipment And the proper techniques Without all of these things, you get odd looking carpet and you will end up wishing you had hired a Professional

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Saddleback’s: Benefits of Picking Carpet Flooring For Your Home

Just when hardwood floors seem to be getting all the attention in home design these days, those shopping for new flooring should not dismiss carpet too quickly. Why do our Orange County Carpet & Flooring Experts say this? Well, because there are plenty of benefits to cushioning your floors. Take young children, for instance, that extra barrier of protection from slips

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big dog resting on fresh carpet

Choosing The Correct Carpet With Invincible Stain Resistance

If you ever feel the frustration of spills and stains, deciding on a carpet with top of the line stain resistance will save you an incredible deal of stress. If you have not begun carpet shopping yet, you will soon quickly discover that all carpets claim to be the best at resisting stains. Today our, Orange County Carpet & Flooring

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