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What is a floating floor?

Engineered wood, luxury vinyl, and laminate are all three products that can be floated. Engineered wood has the option of being glue down as well. The advantage of a floating floor is if one of the planks get damaged, it is very easy to remove a base board from a wall, start unlocking the locking mechanisms, and get to that damaged plank. On the other hand a glued down engineered wood requires that the plank be cut out and then install another glue down plank. It is more costly and time consuming to remove a glue down engineered wood plank. Versus removing a plank from a floating floor whether it is engineered wood, laminated or vinyl.

Flooring expands and contracts. When a floor is floating, the whole floor will expand and contract as a unit. In a typical house under normal conditions a floor will expand and contract about one quarter inch.

It may not be obvious whether it is better to glue down or float the floor. An experienced flooring installer will be able to give a good recommendation when he measures the installation area. That is one of the benefits of Saddleback Carpet & Flooring’s free measurement and consultation.

Is it better to glue down or float a floor?
The simpler of the two options is to float the floor because, unlike the glue down installations, there is no drying time required. Normally the floor can be used immediately. Ideally, an installation should be completed with as little disruption as possible for the homeowner. When we evaluate a floor, we are looking for high traffic areas, areas that are vulnerable to moisture, and areas that get direct sun. To help the homeowner make an informed decision about what product to use and how to install it.

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5 golden stars reviews

Mike Maez

Using Saddleback Carpet & Flooring and working with Jerry and his fantastic team was the best decision we ever made when it came time to remodel our home. The entire team took great care of our space and worked tirelessly to achieve results day in and day out. Along the way we also decided to upgrade various fixtures and plumbing, which they were happy to accommodate as part of the process. After our floors were done we were really taken back at how they transformed the look of our home.We were so pleased with the floors and workmanship that we also decided to use Saddleback to update our kitchen counters. The process could not have been smoother and I appreciated all of the recommendations and input that Jerry provided, as I was guided towards picking out the perfect set of slabs.Saddleback Carpet & Flooring transformed our home from a dated 1970's vibe to a modern and beautiful space. From the pride of workmanship to the attention to detail and the superb guidance of Jerry and his team, I am happy to recommend them to all of my family and friends. Amazing work!

In this beautiful house located in the City of Mission Viejo, Saddleback Carpet & Flooring removed existing carpet and Laminate. Then we installed Luxury Vinyl style Crystal Floors color Cypress on the entire flooring downstairs, upstairs and staircase. We also installed White risers on the staircase.

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