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5 Reasons You Can Enjoy Carpet with Your Pets

We love our pets. According to the National Pet Owners Survey, 70% of U.S. households have a pet. Is your floor tough enough to handle living with a dog? Are you confident that housetraining a cat or dog won’t ruin your floor? Carpet manufacturers are constantly improving their products to handle the mess our 4-legged friends leave behind. Here are 5 reasons you can enjoy carpet with your pets because of solutions from our premiere carpet brands, Anderson Tuftex, Shaw, Dreamweaver, and  Tarkett Home.

High Performance Carpet Fibers

There are primarily 2 types of fibers in common usage in carpet today, polyester, and nylon. Pet friendly carpets made with both polyester, and nylon have been improved with stain protection. (This feature can also be found in the less commonly used wool fiber carpets.) Anderson Tuftex and Shaw Floors make Pet Perfect+ carpet with built in stain and soil protection. Additionally, the process of dying the fibers makes them fade and bleach resistant. The nylon fibers are tougher than the polyester while the polyester gives a softer, more comfortable feel. Have you ever noticed that some carpet won’t let go of pet hair when you vacuum? Pet Perfect+ carpet is engineered to keep pet fur and hair on the surface where it can be easily removed with normal vacuuming.  

Accidents and Spills are Contained

Today’s pet friendly carpets are made to hold spills on top where they can easily be wiped up. But what if you don’t notice till later, have you ever wondered what happens if the pet accident or spill penetrates the fibers to the matting underneath? In the Pet Perfect+ products there is a hold out layer that won’t allow the moisture to get into the cushion nor beyond to the subfloor.

Easy to Clean Carpet

Dreamweaver Carpet has a wide selection of carpets with lifetime pet stains warranties. DW Select line of carpets are made with the company’s proprietary PureColor solution-dyed fiber. Mike Sanderson, Vice President of DW Marketing says, “This provides inherent stain and fade protection for the life of the carpet. It is also unbelievably easy to clean. We recommend cleaning with a mixture of bleach and water.” Have you ever worried that there could be bacteria hiding in the carpet? Wouldn’t cleaning with bleach eliminate that concern?

Durable Carpet Construction

Tarkett Home has released new style to its Lifetime Series, Presidio and Somerset. Both utilize cut and loop patterned construction with a luxurious look and feel. But since the fibers are not cut in the process they are not opened up to staining like traditional cut loop carpets. Tarkett combines this technique with their solution dyed Primus PET fiber that is extruded with the color embedded, which makes the carpet resistant to fading. This line of Tarkett comes with a limited lifetime warranty covering stain, pet urine and soiling along with a 20-year abrasive wear and texture retention warranty.

How to Fix Worst Case Carpet Stains

Our expert carpet installers know how to handle the worst cases. Has there been damage beneath the carpet all the way to the subfloor by a pet? We know how to neutralize the smell and give your flooring a fresh new start. The benefit of having Saddleback Carpet & Flooring help you with the installation is that we come out and measure your site for free. The visit includes a product consultation where we listen to your needs and provide options to solve difficult problems. For instance, we know how to repair a damaged subfloor. In some cases, we have been able to remove damaged sections of flooring and match them up to existing undamaged sections. If you are uncertain how to proceed, why not have us come out for free to show you how we have helped our customers. We earn our 5 star reviews by exceeding expectations. We carry a large assortment of pet friendly carpets in our store, and, if you prefer, we will bring samples to you. Call now. Or schedule an appointment by clicking the button below. 

What could go wrong?

Come in and find carpet with a pet stain warranty. You will be amazed at our selection and how quickly we install carpeting!
Shaw Carpet installation
This style is part of the Pet Perfect+ collection of ultra-durable and easy-to-clean carpet designed for you and perfect for your pet. It features ANSO High Performance fiber with R2X® built-in stain & soil protection and LifeGuard® Spill-Proof Technology for extra protection. Plus, it's all covered by a 25-year warranty.
Dreamweaver carpet installation
DW Select Redwood Grand Cyprus carpet. Pet friendly carpet that is built to hold up when tested by our 4 legged friends.
Tarkett Lifetime Series
Tarkett Home Lifetime Series has a 20 year abrasive wear and texture retention warranty.

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