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Shaw Floors Repel Walnut dining area installation

6 Things Interior Designers Consider When Picking Out Flooring

Start by evaluating the space, second decide on a theme, third observe the fixed decorative elements, forth decide on the flooring type, fifth consider the furniture arrangement, sixth add personality with artwork and lighting. This post was inspired by a video on YouTube by Architectural Digest where 3 designers decorated the same room. Mandy Cheng, Erick Garcia, and Noz Nozawa gave wonderful insights into their thought process on interior design. Thank you, Mandy, Erick, Noz and AD. The video is linked in the side bar.

How to evaluate the interior space?

What do you love most about the room? Your answer will help decide where you want people’s attention to be when they enter the room. Does the room have windows? Do you want to emphasize or neutralize the view? What is the orientation of the room? Is it a cozy place like a bedroom or a living room near the entrance? What size is the room? What is its primary use? What is the room connected too? Where will people be entering the room? How much natural light is available?

In the Architectural Digest video, the room had a view of trees and the natural surroundings became an important factor in the interior design choices. For example, hardwood flooring was chosen to complement the trees outside.

What design theme do you like?

Art Deco Delight, Bohemian Beauty, Classical Reflections, Contemporary Cheer, Elegant Country, Hollywood Glam, Industrial Edge,… the list goes on but since people know what they like when they see it. Let’s start by looking at some examples. This link has pictures of 14 On-trend Design Themes.

What permanent fixtures and components are in the room?

Is there a fireplace or some other type of built-in that you want to keep, or have to work around? What type of ceiling is there? What kind of lighting is built in? Where are the switches located? How are the windows treated? Are there blinds in place? What about window frames?

What orientation of the flooring ties in best?

For instance, if you have beams in the ceiling, do you want to run the hardwood floor planks in the same direction? Does the shape of the room suggest a pattern that would tie the room to adjacent areas? A common choice is to run the plank direction parallel to the strongest light source, is there a window or doorway where lots of light flows in?

What furniture is needed?

Do you have furniture that needs to be included or can you start fresh with new furniture that fits the new design? What direction should the furniture face? What is the best placement for how you want people to use the room? Do you think an area rug would add comfort and visual interest to the space?

What lighting and artwork will add more personality to the room?

Often the focal point of the room is the light fixture or artwork, so you could say that this should be the first thing to consider when designing a room. Ideally, all these questions should be in mind when decisions are made about where to spend the budget.

Hardwood flooring remains an interior design favorite.

Choices in hardwood have grown. And your options have expanded in vinyl, laminate, and carpet too. Visit our showroom to try flooring out underfoot. The reason Saddleback Carpet & Flooring gets 5 Star reviews is that we guide you through the process of buying new flooring. It starts with the Free In-Home Consultation where we help you decide on the best option for your home or office. Once you make your selection, we move quickly to get our installation team working on your new floor. Our clients are amazed at how quickly we install flooring and take care of all the small details that add up to customer satisfaction. Click the button below to get started.

Shaw Floors Repel Hardwood floor with girl having a tea party
When she grows up, she will probably remember tea parties with Mrs. Hopper, but it won’t be because it left a stain on the hardwood. Choose 100% waterproof hardwood flooring by one of our premium brands. This photo shows an installation of Shaw Floors Repel line.

How much does hardwood cost to install?

Price: $13.87 per square foot installed, for the product shown above. Shaw Repel Hardwood, Sanctuary Hickory, in the color Tranquility. This is a beautiful example of a wide plank hardwood that is manufactured with Shaw’s Repel Splash-Proof water resistant barrier. Glue-down installation is required. 
Keep in mind that the question of pricing can get complicated. When looking at the price of flooring we think it is best to know the price including installation because  a products installation cost can vary widely. If you come into the Saddleback Carpet & Flooring showroom you will see the cost per square foot installed for each product. We take into account whether it is a floating floor or a glue down among other factors like stairs and transitions. If you are shopping and see a square foot price, find out if that includes installation. If you found a great deal, bought the product and just want your flooring installed, we will come out immediately to install it.

Hardwood flooring has a wide range of pricing. We work hard to keep our prices competitive. If you want a quick ballpark figure call us. Better yet, schedule an appointment for us to come out and measure your site for free. The visit includes a product consultation where we listen to your needs and provide options that meet your expectations. For instance, we know how to work with an existing product. In some cases we can match old products, or find ways to make a new product transition look good. We make sure that your questions are answered. You will know about product availability, which products are on special that might fit your needs and most importantly the price for the completed installation. You can begin the process by visiting our store or scheduling an appointment for a free consultation.

Flooring Installed Your Way!

Our expert staff will guide you through the process and you will be amazed at how quickly we install hardwood flooring!
MSI Surfaces 100% waterproof hardwood installed in a bathroom.
MSI Surfaces 100% waterproof hardwood installed in a bathroom.
Shaw Floors Repel Walnut dining area installation
Shaw Floors Repel Walnut dining area installation is developed to hold up in high traffic area and stand up to spills.

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