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5 Influences On Today’s Interior Design Trends part 2

Cohesive Design: A Rising Trend in Interior Design

Cohesive design, characterized by a sense of harmony and flow throughout a space, is gaining major traction in the interior design world. It’s a move away from isolated, disjointed rooms and towards a unified, intentional aesthetic. This trend prioritizes creating a sense of visual and emotional connection within a home, making it feel more welcoming and inviting.

Factors Influencing Cohesive Design:

  • Desire for Comfort and Calm: After years of uncertainty and disruption, people are craving spaces that feel safe and serene. Cohesive design, with its emphasis on balance and flow, can contribute to a sense of tranquility and well-being.
  • Open Floor Plans: The rise of open floor plans has made the need for visual coherence even more apparent. Cohesive design principles help to define and connect different areas within a larger space without resorting to physical barriers.
  • Focus on Experience: Today’s homeowners are increasingly interested in creating homes that are not just functional, but also experiential. Cohesive design can play a role in this by weaving a narrative throughout the space, making it feel like a curated journey.

Examples of Cohesive Design:

  • Color Palette Repetition: Using a consistent color palette, with variations in shades and tones, throughout different rooms can create a sense of unity. For example, a calming blue might be used in the living room walls, dining room curtains, and bedroom accents.
  • Textural Harmony: Incorporating a mix of textures, like wood, woven fabrics, and metal, that complement each other can add visual interest while maintaining cohesion. This can be achieved through furniture, rugs, throws, and artwork.
  • Pattern Play: Using similar patterns or motifs in different scales and colors can create a sense of connection without being overwhelming. For example, a floral print might be used on throw pillows in one room and on wallpaper in another.
  • Architectural Elements: Repeating architectural elements like arches, exposed beams, or built-in shelving throughout the home can create a sense of visual continuity and flow.

Resources for Inspiration:

  • Instagram: Follow hashtags like #cohesivedesign, #interiordesignflow, and #homeharmony for endless inspiration.
  • Blogs: Design blogs like Apartment Therapy, Decoist, and MyDomaine offer expert tips and real-life examples of cohesive design.
  • Magazines: Interior design magazines like Elle Decor, Dwell, and House Beautiful showcase stunning examples of cohesive design in a variety of styles.

Remember, cohesive design is all about creating a home that feels like you. One of the first things to do is set the foundation for your design with hardwood flooring. The home shown in these photos chose to install luxury vinyl plank with a beautiful hardwood styling that is affordable and durable. 

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