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Commericial carpet installation

4 Benefits of Commercial Carpet

Ease of Installation and Repair

The first benefit is the ease of installation. Probably what comes to mind when we think of commercial carpet is a tough low-profile product that does not stand out because it is strictly business. Commercial carpet comes on rolls or in carpet tiles. The tiles are practical because when the business must move furniture, cubicles, or interior walls around it is easier to patch in carpet tiles than to roll out the carpet in the whole room.

Long Lifespan

The second benefit is durability. Manufacturers like Shaw carpet offer lifetime stain and color protection because of improvements in the manufacturing process. Many carpet products today are made of nylon fibers that are designed to reduce soiling and retain color. At the same time, the engineers improved the backing to make the carpet lighter and stronger. Shaw has been making EcoWorx® tile for over 2 decades, their expertise has been proven by billions of square feet of installations worldwide.

Sustainability and Health

The third benefit is sustainability and health. Carpet manufacturers are working hard to preserve the environment by reclaiming and recycling their products when it is time to replace the old with a fresh new design. Shaw has reclaimed and recycled approximately one billion pounds of post-consumer carpet. That’s a lot of space saved in the landfill! Closer to work, in the office commercial carpet, today is a healthier product because new processes are improving air quality. Indoor air quality standards contribute to our well-being. Shaw EcoWorx® carpet meets indoor air quality standards for low-emitting products.

Design Options

The fourth benefit is the broad spectrum of interior design options. An office can be given any look that you desire without having to give up the first three benefits. Do you want to create a space that inspires lively interaction, or a calm sanctuary for hard work? If budget is the primary consideration, there are basic and luxury options. There are many ways to combine flooring to define the look of your office. Carpet tiles can be laid in different patterns to accent spaces where needed. Try out pattern options on Shaw’s site.


The benefit of having Saddleback Carpet & Flooring help you with the installation is that we come out and measure your site for free. The visit includes a product consultation where we listen to your needs and provide options that meet your expectations. For instance, we know how to work with an existing product. In some cases, we can match old products, or at least find ways to make a new product transition look good with the existing floor.

Shaw commercial carpet Include
Shaw's Collective commercial carpet installed using the basket weave method.
Commericial carpet installation
Open Office Space with Shaw carpet that shows an example of how to define spaces by simply varying the carpet color and style.

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