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How to Prepare A House For Resale

When working with homeowners who want to position their home to sell. We come up with a few really good cost-effective solutions for them. One of them is a carpet that looks very expensive that is mid-grade price wise. Another product that we do a lot of right now is a mid-range luxury vinyl. What a lot of realtors are encouraging homeowners to do in preparing their home for resale is to have a consistent flooring throughout the home. Cleaning up the clutter includes making floors in all the rooms have a fresh new look. Over the years many homeowners will replace flooring at different times with different products. If we are installing floors in a 2 story house, we would install luxury vinyl on the entire downstairs, carpet on the staircase, and carpet on the upstairs bedrooms and hallways. The idea is you don’t want a prospective buyer distracted by damaged floors. A home that looks move in ready is ideal.

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