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Popular Carpet Now

What is the most popular carpet style right now?

In today’s environment, most people are looking for a low profile carpet. It is what is called a cut loop pattern carpet. The reason is that a lot of people are sensitive to allergens and dust mites. Some of the high pile loose plush carpets retain more dust if they are not being vacuumed on a regular basis. Many of our existing customers are choosing to go with heavier ounce low profile carpet, like a 60-ounce carpet because it is extremely durable. This type of carpet comes with lifetime stain, lifetime fade, and lifetime pet stain resistance.

The backing is also an important consideration. At Saddleback Carpet and Flooring, we use a high-quality, thick carpet padding. The padding helps make the carpet perform at its best. We don’t recommend going with inexpensive padding because that defeats the purpose of getting a luxury type of product. Lower quality padding will degrade the feel of the carpet. We recommend that you use a half-inch, eight-pound, with waterproof backing carpet padding. This grade of carpet padding will not only feel great under your feet, but it will also make clean-up easier if there is a spill because the moisture will not soak into the backing.


SKU: 8168_5745

Weight: 45 oz

Manufacturer Defects Warranty: 25 Year

Style Type: Patterned Cut and Loop

Stain Warranty: Lifetime

Pet Stain Warranty: Lifetime

Par Rating: 3.5

Fade Warranty: Lifetime

Colors: 9

Soil Warranty: 25 Year

Yarn: 100% PureColor® Solution Dyed Polyester featuring TwistX™

Installation Pattern Repeat: N/A

Also Available In Select Area Rug Sizes:

5′ x 7′ | 6′ x 9′ | 8′ x 10′ | 9′ x 12′

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