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LVP installed in entryway.

What is SPC flooring? 5 FAQs

What is SPC flooring? 5 FAQs. Stone Polymer Composite flooring is a type of luxury vinyl that is more resistant to dents than WPC flooring. WPC stands for Wood Polymer Composite; it was the original type of luxury vinyl. WPC is generally softer and quieter underfoot, while SPC is considered more durable. Both the durability and the sound dampening vary depending on the brand. Most SPC products are waterproof as are WPC. It is important to keep in mind that having a waterproof flooring product installed does not make the entire floor waterproof. Water may not penetrate the SPC, but it probably will work its way into other areas of the floor that are not waterproof. For example, baseboards, walls, and subfloors are not normally waterproof. That means a spill should be cleaned up promptly, so it is not allowed time to penetrate any other parts of the house.

Does SPC need a moisture barrier?

Yes, and Saddleback Carpet & Flooring installers check the subfloor for moisture before installation. SPC can be installed over concrete subfloors with a polyurethane moisture barrier to prevent vapor emissions.

LVP installed in living room
Luxury vinyl plank flooring installation of SLCC Treasure Lakes Collection, color Crater. Lake Forest, CA 92691

The pictures in this article are from an installation recently completed by Saddleback Carpet & Flooring. The luxury vinyl plank is made by SLCC, the collection is Treasure Lakes, and the color is Crater. The planks are 9 inches wide with a 5.0mm SPC layer and a 2.0mm top layer or EVA.

Can you mop SPC flooring?

Each brand varies in their recommended cleaning methods but generally a damp mop can be used after the loose dirt is removed with a broom or vacuum.

Does SPC flooring feel cold?

Compared to tile, no. SPC has better insulation.

Can I install cabinets on SPC?

No. Because seasonal changes in humidity can cause small movements of the flooring the weight of cabinets could cause buckling and damage to the locking mechanism.

Is SPC flooring safe for air quality?

Yes. Because SLCC Flooring products are certified to meet high air quality standards. FloorScore® is the most recognized indoor air quality certification standard. They utilize independent ISO-17025 accredited laboratories to determine the most trusted, accurate results. SLCC Flooring strives to make sure the flooring products we offer meet or exceed all environmental, health, and safety requirements including formaldehyde emissions, VOC emissions, state requirements such as CARB II Certification, and FloorScore® Certification. However, other SPC brands may not be certified, so it important to get the specs on the brands you are considering.

Why is it important to hire a skilled flooring installer?

One of your installation team’s highest priorities should be to protect your flooring and warranty by following the manufacturer’s installation instructions. After installation they should also go over the care and maintenance of your new floor. The reason Saddleback Carpet & Flooring gets 5 Star reviews is because we guide you through the process of buying new flooring. It starts with the Free In-Home Consultation where we help you decide on the best option for your home or office. Once a customer has made their selection, we move quickly to get our installation team working on your new floor. Our clients are amazed at how quickly we install flooring and take care of all the small details that add up to customer satisfaction. Click the button below to get started.

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