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Shaw’s Extreme Nature

Recently, Shaw has come out with a new line of engineered wood that is a part of their Extreme Nature collection, called Reflections. This line embraces the natural wood look, emphasizing the knots and grains in the planks. In addition to the natural wood look, these are the widest and longest engineered hardwood planks that you can get manufactured in the U.S. The wider and longer planks have been extremely popular lately since they have the ability to open up rooms and make them appear larger. This collection carries five species: White Oak, Maple, Ash, Hickory, and Walnut. Within these five species, there are also a variety of textures that are displayed. There are some that are wired-brushed which means that they have been scraped with a hard-bristled wire brush. This look is not exactly a “rustic” look, but a nice in between option if you are looking for something not too rustic and not too consistent. This technique allows your floors to hide more dirt and debris than a smooth consistent floor would. It may also hide scratches and dents as they will blend in with the brushed planks. If you are seeking a smooth yet unique look, this collection also offers a heavy-scraped texture. This means the floors are scraped to look somewhat distressed and worn in. This technique allows for the wood to have an aged appearance. To take this worn in look even farther, Reflections also offers a rustic texture. This type of floor typically looks very distressed. It gains more character as it gets more wear and tear. This may attract some people since this floor can take on scratches and dents and it will still look great.

                This line also features Stabilitek Core Technology. This makes for an extremely tough core that can resist dents up to 30% more than seven ply Asian imports (engineered hardwood with 7 layers of plywood). Reflections also makes installation quick and easy. It is a floating floor with a strong tongue and groove system with superior stability. These elements altogether make this a high-performance floor that meets the demands of consumers.

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