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Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Making a Small Room Look Bigger

          There are many people who struggle with making a smaller room appear larger. Décor, wall paint, and flooring are all determining factors on making a room look more open. Here is a guide to choosing the right type of flooring that will help make your smaller room appear more spacious.


Picking the right flooring will surprisingly make a big difference in the appearance of the size of your room. For one, choosing the right color floor is important. Choosing a medium toned floor color will visually expand your small space. The trick is matching the floors with the right wall paint and furniture. You do not want to match your medium toned floors with dark furniture and décor, this can make you feel closed in. Pair up the floors with a wall color that is cool toned / lighter to accomplish a larger look. Or, to increase depth in a room, make one of the walls an accent wall (darker than the others). This creates an illusion that there is actually more depth in the room. For tiles, matching the color of grout with the floors will increase the feeling of space.

Wider Plank/ Larger Tile:

Along with a darker color, make sure to choose a wider plank. A smaller plank can make your room look cluttered and busy, while a wider plank will give a cleaner look giving off the impression of a larger room. Anything starting from 5 inches wide and above will do the trick. The same idea applies if you are laying tiles- the larger the tile, the larger the look of the room. As well as a large tile, it is a good idea to have your floor installed with minimum grout.


          Once you’ve chosen the right color and the right width and length of your floors, the next idea you should consider is what direction to lay your floors. A popular idea to make a room appear larger is to install your planks or tiles diagonally. This technique creates the optical illusion of a larger space because the widest part of the pattern faces you when you enter the room.          Many homeowners agree that when it comes to rooms in your home, bigger is better. Choosing the right floors is often dismissed or not thought of when trying to open up a small space. These simple tricks, along with minimizing any clutter, can take your small room and enhance it to appear much bigger.

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