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Dream Weaver Showroom Display

What’s New in the Saddleback Carpet & Flooring Showroom

What’s New in our Showroom

Saddleback Carpet & Flooring has exciting news. Thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, the newest styles of carpet are now available in our showroom. Dream Weaver will bring a brand new line of style and design, focused patterns, textures and colors into a standalone collection called DW Select.


DW Select carpet from Dream Weaver is a new collection featuring beautiful and stylish patterns, textures, and colors. The collection draws inspiration from natural landscapes, and these styles bring textures reminiscent of natural materials into the different rooms of a home. This collection offers classic design elements with functionality. So, these products are a great choice for active households.


Carpet manufactures rely on Nylon and PTT Fiber Characteristics to deliver high performing carpets. DW Select has a new patented 3 ply fiber system (TwistX) that utilizes fiber construction (density and twist) to deliver results on par with these premium fibers. In addition, the carpets in the DW Select collection feature Scotchgard Protector for soil and stain release.

  • Permanent stain and soil resistance –  PureColor wont stain or soil die to spills or pet stains.
  • Permanent face resistance – PureColor won’t fade in high traffic areas of the home due to prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.  
  • 3 ply fiber system. Traditionally a 2ply system is being utilized in residential. 3 ply creates a 33% larger yarn bundle that results in industry leading wear ability. All styles have over a 5000 average density like commercial wear. The additional ply gives the fiber system a high twist multiplier that results in exceptional wear ability.
  • Superior cleanability – PureColor won’t bleach out when exposed to harsh household cleaners, in fact we recommend spot cleaning with bleach!

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