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What is the Best Carpet for Rental Properties?

What is the Best Carpet for Rental Properties?

Investors have a lot of design decisions to make as they set up their rental property. Can you guess what it is?

It’s under your feet. The flooring you choose can make an impact on the overall cleanliness of your property. If dirt, liquids, and other stains are not cleaned up, you may have to shell out big bucks for a deep clean. Here is Saddleback Carpet & Floorings take on the best carpet for rental properties.

The Most Durable Carpets

Carpets certainly to endure a lot throughout their life. Feet and furniture will try and wear down the fibers and expose the bare bones of the carpet. No one wants to walk across a thin carpet that feels worn down and frayed. With that in mind, carpet manufacturers may choose certain materials or techniques that enhance the durability of their products.

Unfortunately, durable carpets aren’t always the softest carpets. If you foresee your tenants walking around barefoot and trying to get cozy, you might want to compromise and find a softer material. But if durability is your number one priority, consider these factors:

Fiber Material

If you are looking at carpets, you will most likely encounter four different fibers: nylon, polypropylene (olefin), polyester, and wool.

Nylon carpets are the most popular material on the market, arguably because they are the most durable. Their fibers generally hold their shape and are flexible enough to withstand different types of traffic.

Polypropylene follows nylon as the most durable and widely available fiber. Polyester carpets are generally the weakest, but property owners choose polyester carpets for other reasons (namely stain resistance.) Wool carpets are also very durable. They can keep their shape through years of foot traffic and heavy furniture.

The Most Stain-Resistant Carpets

Feet will make an impact on the furniture, but the bodies attached to the feet may create stains. If you anticipate welcoming young children or pets into your rental property, you should pay extra attention to the stain resistance of your carpet.

Polyester wins the gold medal here. This type of carpet is generally the most stain-resistant. The material naturally repels moisture and is easy to clean. Even if you have lazy tenants, you won’t have to worry too much about stains on your polyester carpet.

Nylon carpets tend to resist dirt, mold, and mildew fairly well. The fiber itself does not resist moisture well, but it may be treated with a stain-resistant coating.

Polypropylene carpets are resistant to moisture spills, but will be stained by spills that contain oil.

Carpet manufacturers treat most synthetic fiber with a stain-resistant coating. Wool carpets are not; still, they manage to be resistant to many different types of stains, including liquids and oils.

Other Factors to Consider


Let’s start with a big one. Wool is considered a high-quality material…but it comes at a high price. Unless you have the budget to shell out twice as much as the average carpet, you might want to stick to a more cost-effective choice. Polypropylene is the cheapest option.


Polyester is made from recycled water bottles. This statement may add to the value of an overall green rental property, or it may run through one ear and out of the other. Wool is generally the most eco-friendly carpet option, but it may upset any tenants who live a vegan lifestyle.


Different fibers handle dyes better than others. Property owners can find polyester in a wide range of brightly-colored varieties. Nylon is another option for buyers who are looking for a lot of choices. Polypropylene colors tend to be more subtle.

Alternatives to Carpet Flooring

If it seems like one type of carpet can’t do it all, we’d have to agree with you. Property owners have a lot of varieties when it comes to carpet, but they aren’t just limited to this type of flooring. If you aren’t married to the idea of carpet in your rental property, consider a wider range of options.

Weigh the pros and cons of the following:

  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Linoleum
  • Laminate
  • Cork

If you want our opinion, we suggest vinyl.

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