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Tips For Your Next Carpet Purchase

Tips For Your Next Carpet Purchase


            Carpet is one of the softest flooring materials in the market and has been around for decades. The fibers in carpet have been improved year after year making carpet more durable than ever. You can go with many different styles in carpet: plush, patterned, cut and loop etc. With the many styles of carpet, choosing the right one for you may be overwhelming, so taking the time to explore and understand the different styles of carpet will be beneficial to your final decision as a buyer.

Plush Carpet

            Plush carpet is cut in a smooth and even way that gives the carpet a very soft feel. Although popular for its traditional look and soft feel, footprints and vacuum lines may show easily. Heavy furniture on plush carpet may cause indentations since the fibers are so light. It may be a good idea to move heavy furniture around every once in a while to maintain the evenness of the carpet.

Cut and Loop Carpet

Cut and Loop carpet is a mixture between cut pile and loop pile fibers. This style of carpet has textured appearance that’s ideal for areas with moderate amounts of traffic. As an added bonus, this type of carpet also hides dirt and stains.

All Loop Carpet

            This type of carpet tends to be very dense. It is typically good for high traffic areas. The tight loop construction minimizes footprints and vacuum lines. Although a very durable carpet, if you have a pet roaming around your home, be aware that their nails may pull on the loops. Because loop carpet is one long continuous strand, this may cause a zippering effect. Not to worry, if this happens just cut the strand with a pair of scissors and the problem is solved.

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