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Dripping towel is not a problem vinyl plank is waterproof

Technological Advances in Engineered Waterproof Flooring

Water damage is a common problem. Sometimes it is caused by someone splashing in the tub and not quickly cleaning it up. Or, it could be a leak from an appliance or plumbing. Today you have lots of alternatives in flooring products that are not easily damaged by water. Saddleback Carpet and Flooring are experts at removing damaged flooring and replacing the floors with durable new luxury vinyl or other flooring products. Manufacturers are improving their products with advances in technology. Today you can get the look and feel of wood floors without the risk of water damage. ENSIGNIUM, the new rigid core collection from Engineered Floors Hard Surfaces, comes with nature’s power engrained. Utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry, ENSIGNIUM is 100% waterproof, exceptionally
scratch resistant, and looks and feels like real wood.

ensignium waterproof vinyl

You can see a video about ENSIGNIUM here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6OrhGtOq-Q

The wood grain is reproduced with precision manufacturing that duplicates wood planks. ENSIGNIUM is exciting because it is manufactured from a large set of wood planks. 30 planks are reproduced in detail and texture. This means the flooring can be installed in some areas without having to repeat a plank.

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