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Saddleback Tips: Porcelain Tile over Ceramic Tile

Saddleback Tips: Why Choose Porcelain Tile over Ceramic Tile

When discussing what type of tile to use in your bathroom, kitchen, shower etc., you may be wondering which type of tile is best for you, porcelain or ceramic. Their durability make them a much desired product and homeowners love the wide variety of options in color and style. Despite the similarities between the two products, there are some significant differences that you should keep in mind when comparing them. For one, porcelain tile is manufactured to be more durable with the ability to last for a couple of decades.  Although these products are both made from clay, porcelain tiles are fired in the kiln at a higher temperature and for a longer period of time. This produces a very dense and hard finished product, making them more durable than ceramic with very low maintenance and one of the many reasons why its very easy to maintain.

Ceramic tile is fired at a lower temperature for a shorter period of time, it is more absorbent and not as hard, causing them to be more susceptible to damage. Appearance and color is also an important factor to consider when deciding between porcelain and ceramic. Ceramic tiles have a glazed design layer only on the top of the tile, meaning if the tile is chipped you will see the natural red clay color. Unlike ceramic, porcelains design layer is all the way through the tile which makes chips and cracks less noticeable, and damage tile can easily be replaced and removed.  To summarize, it is always highly recommended to use porcelain tile for your floors, and ceramic tiles for black splashes & shower walls

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