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Saddleback Carpets: 4 Critical Mistakes to Avoid with Carpet Maintenance

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A carpet means a soft spot where your children can play, and that means you need to keep it sanitized at all times so that your kid is not exposed to dirt which can be complied on a carpet’s surface.

A handful of people do manage to keep a safe enough carpet, but there are some issues that could arise from irregular carpet cleaning that you might want to pay attention for. These mistakes are mainly made of negligence or laziness; so if you want to keep your own carpet clean for as long as possible, do try to avoid them.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Carpet Maintenance

1. Do Not Wait For Dirt to Become Visible and Then Clean It

Carpet Cleaning can be much simpler if you do not wait for the stain to sink deep into your carpet and only then try and deal with it. The dirt will lodge itself to the carpet piles and have fun cleaning it out then. Unfortunately, even baking soda will not help your there, and you will be forced to hire Professional Carpet Cleaners for the job. Keeping a regular maintenance and dealing with stains as soon as they appear will save you a good amount of work in the long run, so do try to practice that consistently.

2. Not Every Detergent Works Well For Every Carpet

Making a wrong choice for a detergent happens all the time. An assortment of carpets have their own specific cleaning needs, so you can make plenty of wrong choices and have to think about the right ones. Using just any detergent on a carpet without knowing if the carpet can handle it might result in dis-colouration of the carpet at the very least. Other detergents could actually end up harding the carpet’s fibers, or thin out its structure, making it easy to wear and tear. Know what carpet you have, and when you are purchasing a detergent, read its ingredients for a full picture and clear understanding of the product chemicals.

3. Scotch Gard Will Not Constantly Make Your Carpet Easy To Clean

Mission Viejo Carpet Company I Orange County Carpet Company I Carpet Tips I Carpet Cleaning

It actually will make it easy to clean, but only for a certain time period. Scotch Gard is a product that prevents stains from penetrating the carpet piles, but only for a short amount of time. If you do not act instantly after a stain has appeared, it will be just as hard to clean as if you have not used Scotch Gard at all. Stain removal is not something that you should procrastinate with.

4. Vinegar Is Not the Best Answer For Everything

Vinegar might be an amazing tool for a variety of cleaning scenarios, and will clean and disinfect most carpets with ease, there are still some carpets that do not welcome its acidic touch. Finer carpets might thin out and tear, others will be dis-colored with the first drop. In some cases vinegar becomes its own stain, and then you have to wash the whole carpet or even need to send it to the carpet cleaners.

You shouldn’t wait until the need for a trustworthy Orange County Carpet & Flooring Company arises and then deal with the carpet. If you pay attention to your carpet and provide it with proper maintenance, it will serve you well, and it will be a place where your children can crawl and play around on.


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