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Renovating your staircase

Renovating your staircase? Best Flooring Options for Stairs

Renovating your staircase? Best Flooring Options for Stairs

The staircase is a high-traffic area in every house with daily movement up and down. As a result, stairs are a focal point in a home and a highly visible space that necessitates both style and a durable flooring material. Since staircases are not susceptible to water, a variety of flooring materials may be used.

Things to consider when installing flooring on the staircase

  1. Consider the flooring in your upstairs and downstairs rooms when selecting a product for your staircase. You should think about your budget; there are high priced, medium-priced, and low-priced flooring materials available.
  2. Consider how easy will it be to clean? Do you want a stairwell that you have to vacuum or mop?
  3. Noise. If there is a lot of noise near the stairs such as living areas like dens or living rooms, Carpet can be a big benefit from noise muffling flooring so you don’t have to hear people going up and down the staircase all the time.
  4. Safety. The protection of your material is on of the most important considerations. Keep an eye out for a non-slippery surface. Look for stair materials that provide extra traction if you have children or someone with restricted mobility in your house.
  5. Style. Take into account the area around the stairs, as well as the design and scale of the stairs themselves. In a traditional home, large, sweeping stairs in wood or tile look fantastic. Carpeting may be more fitting in a carpeted den.

The benefits of each flooring material for your staircase:

Laminate is a cost – effective solution that comes in a variety of types and colors. You can also pick a laminate that resembles wood or is textured for added traction. In high-traffic areas, laminate stairs are easy to clean and repair.

Carpet Carpeted stairs have more stability and are easier on the feet than hard surfaces. Carpet flooring can also provide a wider range of color and pile options. You may also opt for a completely carpeted stair or a carpet runner over the wood floor.

Tile is ideal for narrow stairwells and outdoor stairwells. In basements and mudrooms, tile is simple to clean and has a distinctive and appealing appearance.

Hardwood stairs have a timeless appearance that complements almost every décor. Hardwood stairs are long-lasting and secure if you use non-slip treads or other measures to prevent the smooth surface from being slippery.

Choose an Installer with a Good Reputation

The manufacturers who offer warranties have stipulations about care and maintenance, as well as installation guidelines. An important way to protect your investment in carpet is by having a reputable installer make sure the installation is done to the factory’s specifications. If a warranty claim needs to be made an installer who has a reputation for looking out for their customer’s interests is very valuable. How do you find this kind of installer? Look at their reviews. Saddleback Carpet & Flooring has many 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Our reviews are a testament to our commitment to our customers. Saddleback Carpet & Flooring offers a free measure and consultation. We measure your floor and give you a price quote as well as an estimate of completion time. Please schedule an appointment with us by clicking on the button below.

Carpet installation on stairs
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What could go wrong?

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5 golden stars reviews

Jerry has been PHENOMENAL starting from the first time I walked into his showroom to see the different types of flooring he carries. After doing lots of research, I decided to use Saddleback to redo all of the floors in my just-purchased home. Jerry has gone the extra mile to make sure I am pleased with every aspect of the work. Unlike some other business owners, he won’t sell you something then leave the details to others; instead he shows up at the job site every day and remains deeply involved. The buck stops with him, and he knows it. He even sent me videos of the work in progress because I couldn’t be there during the installation. Truly, my experience with Jerry and Saddleback Carpet & Flooring has been A+ from start to finish.

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