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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Floors                 Bamboo floors are a very durable product. They can look fairly similar to hardwood, and share many of the same pros and cons that hardwood has. However, they come from different plants. Bamboo is a type of…

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Shaw’s Extreme Nature

Recently, Shaw has come out with a new line of engineered wood that is a part of their Extreme Nature collection, called Reflections. This line embraces the natural wood look, emphasizing the knots and grains in the planks. In addition…

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Underlayment is the layer between your subfloor, and your new floor. It was made to go beneath all types of floors, having many qualities that improves the performance of your floors. These are the benefits of underlayment: Sound absorbent, it…

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Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Making a Small Room Look Bigger           There are many people who struggle with making a smaller room appear larger. Décor, wall paint, and flooring are all determining factors on making a room look more open. Here is a guide…

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Transition Molding

Transition Molding If you are installing new floors in your home, you may run into the topic of transition pieces. Transition pieces seam floors together so that there are no areas that may look unfinished or unprotected. There are several…

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Laminate Basic Information

Laminate Basic Information Laminate flooring is a synthetic product, made to imitate the look of natural wood, stone, or tile. The construction of laminate consists of four layers of material that are fused together to make the final product. The…

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Light versus Dark Floors

Light versus Dark Floors Determining the color of your floor can be very difficult. There are many components that go into making your final decision. The paint on your walls, décor, and care and maintenance all come into play when…

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Care and Maintenance for all Floors

Care and Maintenance for all Floors For LVP, WPC, & SPC Use a damp cloth to blot spills as soon as they happen to prevent stains. Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly as dust particles may scratch or dull for floor’s…

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