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Carpet Protection

Carpet Protection: Dreamweaver, Shaw, Phenix


            The construction of Dreamweaver’s carpet is built to stand up against daily challenges such as heavy foot traffic, spills, dirt & debris, etc. They use solution dyed fiber in all of the carpet that they make. Solution dyed carpet is the consistency of the color all the way through the fiber. The color you see on the carpet is the same color all the way through the fibers, inside and out. This means you could spill bleach or red wine on the carpet and it will not fade or stain. Along with solution dyed fibers, Dreamweaver’s carpet also has built in soil and stain protection that is applied to the outside and inside of each fiber. With proper care and maintenance, Dreamweaver’s carpet ill resist the toughest stains. With the outstanding protection this carpet is manufactured with, it is also a pet friendly carpet. Pet accidents happen, but Dreamweaver has made their carpet to be able to withstand these occurrences so your carpet can return to its original beauty.


            Shaw’s carpets have gotten more and more resilient over the years. They now have an R2X system (Resistance x2) that does a great job resisting stains. This protective treatment has proven to be one of the fastest-growing treatments in the industry. Each and every and fiber in the carpet is protected with the treatment from top to bottom. This influences the fibers to repel against liquid spills and soil. If a liquid gets on your carpet, it will sit on top of the fibers and that will allow you to have more time to clean up the spill. The R2X treatment will still perform well even after getting your carpet cleaned. This also makes for a pet friendly carpet since the carpet’s built in protection works to prevent pet accidents from making any permanent damage to your carpet. Clean ups will be quick and easy with this tough carpet.


                Phenix carpet offers the Stainmaster technology with PetProtect. This is a pet friendly carpet that resists pet hairs, reduces pet odors, and is easy to clean. If you are concerned with your pet shedding or having accidents, this could be a great option for you. Hairs will be removed no problem with vacuuming and stains will come out with ease. As well as being pet friendly, the carpet comes with a moisture barrier that will prevent spills and accidents from reaching the carpet pad and subfloor. Along with its durability against stains, Phenix carpet also offers solution dyed carpet with SureSoftSD. Being solution dyed, it will never lose its original color. SureSoftSD also leaves your carpet soft with a comfortable feel underfoot.

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