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4 Steps to Solving a Flooring Problem

Hardwood flooring installed in living room

We have helped many homeowners solve their flooring problems. Sometimes the situation is stressful, for instance when a plumbing leak ruins a floor. Or, what more often happens is a homeowner wants an updated design and refresh to the look of their home. Whichever reason you are looking for new flooring solving the problem will require these 4 steps: prep work, surface preparation, scheduling, and product selection.

We suggest that the ideal way to cover these steps is to schedule a free in-house consultation so that we can go over your specific installation requirements.

Step 1 in solving a flooring problem is getting ready.

In the case of a flood most of this work is likely already done by the combined efforts of the plumber, restoration company, and the homeowner. Here’s a list of things the homeowner can do to make the room ready for installers. Clear out all drawers and cabinets of stuff that weighs down things that need to be moved. Putting away personal items before the installation team arrives will help you feel safer and more secure. Disconnect and remove any electrical devices. Declutter the room. Box up the nickknacks and toys etc.. Don’t neglect any closets in the installation area. If you have pets, make arrangements to have them looked after by a neighbor or kept away from the area while the work is being done. We love pets and we want them to be safe.

Step 2 is to set the schedule.

How long it will take to get your new flooring installed depends on several factors. It is best to get a list of all the steps that will be covered on each day. At Saddleback Carpet & Flooring we work hard to keep your installation moving. Aside from the degree of complexity of the installation, there is also product availability to consider. In Southern California, we are fortunate to have many warehouses of products to draw on, but we still have to wait for shipping on occasion. This is an important thing to think about in step 4.

Step 3 is surface preparation.

The old flooring will need to be removed whether by the installer or homeowner. When remove old flooring, we recycle when possible. The subfloor will need to be tested for moisture as recommended by the product manufacturer. Some flooring requires an acclimation period before installation. Leveling of the floor may be required to create smooth transitions to adjacent rooms and flatten the surface.

Step 4 is flooring selection.

We find this step to be the most fun. There are many new designs and products. Which one will best fit your design and budget? When you make a choice there are a few other questions to keep in mind. Is it available locally in the quantity I need? Or will it have to be shipped? How long will shipping take? Are there any special materials required like adhesives and underlayment? Are you going to be able to keep the old baseboards? Do the stairs need new risers? Is it possible to get the job done without having to repaint?

Step 5 select an experienced installer.

There are a lot of questions in step 4, but you can rest assured that we will help you get answers. We are ready to help you select and install the perfect floor for your house. Our goal is to add value and give you peace of mind while solving flooring problems. The reason Saddleback Carpet & Flooring gets 5 Star reviews is because we guide you through the steps of buying new flooring. It starts with the Free In-Home Consultation where we help you decide on the best option for your home or office. Once you select a flooring product, we move quickly to get our installation team working on your new floor. Our clients are amazed at how quickly we install flooring and take care of all the small details that add up to customer satisfaction. Click the button below to get started.

Hardwood installation in the office
HF Design's Avaron Collection of engineered hardwood flooring. Color: Niebla Gray. Hardwood installation by Saddleback Carpet in San Clemente, CA 92672

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HF Design's Avaron Collection of engineered hardwood flooring. Color: Niebla Gray.

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