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What is the current trend in area rugs?

Area rug and luxury vinyl installation by Saddleback Carpet

What is the current trend in area rugs? A popular choice is to have an area rug custom made to fit your room by a carpet manufacturer. An area rug can transform a space by creating a special feeling that some call a “living island” for each area where they are installed. The open floor plan architectural style of modern homes has created the need for design elements that define a space’s purpose while keeping the open feeling. For instance, when a home’s entry way has a view of the living room, dining area, and kitchen all with the same hard surface flooring, using area rugs subtly defines each rooms intended use. An area rug can also be used to make a personal statement. It is not unusual for a homeowner to have an area rug that they have brought with them from another property. In this case a rug can blur the line between flooring and furniture. Musicians bring their own rugs to the stage to make a large space more intimate. Rugs can transform a space to the suit the desire of the homeowner. They are a fun design element that is practical to apply according to the seasons. A warm shag rug is great to roll out on a cold floor when winter hits and then put away when your feet need to cool off in the summer heat.

Professional rug options

The top photo in this article shows a home where Saddleback Carpet and Flooring installed the luxury vinyl plank floor and the area rug. The rug was made by Tarkett. Here the choice was made to focus on the living room area. One of the great things about rugs is the ease of installation. Try one out for awhile and then roll it up when you are ready to freshen up the look of the room. The combination of carpet and wood grain flooring is a growing interior design trend. Also shown in this article are examples of Shaw Carpet finished as area rugs. The rugs shown here are made with modern technology by large, established manufacturers. They can offer warranties to protect the homeowner from damage.  Pet stain and manufacturing defects are often covered, get more information when you meet with a your Saddleback Carpet representative.

Area Rugs are Practical

Area rugs offer similar benefits to carpet. They are cozy and comfortable. If your hard surface flooring is noisy, the rug can quiet things down. A rug can be easily cleaned in place or removed and deep cleaned. Look for a rug that is large enough for the space. That means in a dining room be sure to allow enough room to slide the chairs out without sliding off the rug. The rug is a great way to reduce the wear and tear of sliding chairs around the area. Whether it is a dining area, a bedroom, or a living room pick a rug that is large enough to fill the space with a little extra to surround the space.

Choose an expert installer

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Area rug installation by Shaw
Installation by Shaw Floors. Birch hardwood from the Key West series, in the color Windsurf. The rug is made from the Rustique Vibe series in the color, Purity.
Area rug installation by Shaw
Area rug installation by Shaw Floors. Hardwood is Yukon Maple 5 in the color Bison. The area rug is made from Shaw Diamond Forever carpet in the color, Toast.
Eye catching rugs
Make any interior warm and natural with rugs in organic or special shapes for optimum comfort, warmth and a relaxed atmosphere. Choose your favorite quality, color, shape, size and finish and put the rugs as a perfect eye-catcher in a space.

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