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Why Springtime is the Best Time to Replace Your Flooring

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Why Spring Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Flooring

Spring is a season for new beginnings, and that includes your homes flooring. The weather is finally warming up. When the sun shines brightly, your thoughts turn to brightly colored flowers, new shrubs, and other landscaping ideas for the outside of your house. But that doesn’t mean your homes interior cant benefit from some springtime rejuvenation as well. According to the experts, spring is the perfect season for refreshing and revitalizing your homes interior. When it comes to flooring, spring is the perfect time of year to get rid of the old and replace it with new.


Summer and winters prolonged high and low temperatures have a direct impact on flooring, so spring and fall are better times to install. During the summer months depending on where you live, high humidity causes wood and laminate to distort, swell, and pull apart. This is due to the fact that flooring absorbs moisture. The air is exceptionally dry during the winter months, causing wood and laminate to dehydrate and crack or shrink.


The glue, stains, and sealers all emit fumes and odors during the installation process, which is why ventilation is crucial. Its more convenient to leave the door and windows open throughout the spring months for good ventilation. Summer and winter are not suitable at times for installation because keeping the doors and windows open for long periods of time creates extreme conditions for professionals installing your floor. Some states like California do usually experience decent weather most of the year which makes installing flooring easily all year long.

New Inventory

During Spring flooring manufacturers usually introduce new lines and discontinue older ones. This is an ideal time to install new flooring because those looking for the latest and greatest trends will have plenty of options, while those on a budget will have a larger selection of discounted lines that manufacturers might be discontinuing.

Overall, the best time to replace your worn-out flooring is whenever you need to, but as the best time of year flooring experts say its spring. At Saddleback Carpet & Flooring we offer FREE in-home product consultations and measuring.  With the largest selection is flooring products in Orange County are professionally and courteous sales team members are ready to help you get started on your next flooring project today.