5 Ways to Make Happy Feet

Does your floor make your feet feel happy, comfortable, and stylish?  2022 is shaping up to be a year of bringing back the classic styles and combining them with pizazz. Let’s discuss 5 ways to renovate your flooring and make your visitors feel happy to stand on your floor.

Let’s start with a bold trend in 2022, arranging planks and or tiles in a variety of colors into a patterned floor. A wild personality can run free on colorful patterned tiles because manufacturers today are not just offering monochrome options. The hybrid look is now unlimited because manufacturers produce many styles in the same thickness. For example, wood parquet with hexagonal patterned tile.

Spark Imagination

Bold 2022 Trend


Make something fun to spark the kid’s imagination. Luxury vinyl flooring can be combined in a wide assortment of colors and patterns.

Spark Imagination

Distressed wood is rising in popularity. It is designed to have a slightly worn and aged look. It is often combined with a whitewashed color pallet where some muted color can be seen coming from underneath, which is often our old friend beige. 

Recycled Aged and Distressed Wood

in Various Plank Widths


Porcelain and stone flooring in matte or glossy are making a comeback in 2022. Although often not in the traditional materials, today you can get luxury vinyl and laminate versions that are much more economical to install. Do you want a floor that the kids can slide across in their socks?

The Classic Look of  Porcelain and Stone


Creative Installation Methods

What direction to run the floor?


What direction do you want to run the floor? Parallel to the primary light source is the standard. For example, observe the direction of the daytime sun in the room and layout the planks lengthwise with the light. Another consideration is to guide your visitors first impression of the room by running the planks length wise from the front door. One of the popular trends today is to unify the flooring by installing the same flooring throughout each level. You can accentuate the open look by running the flooring parallel to the longest distance between walls. Another approach is to separate areas with herring bone, basket weave, ashlar, and stagger patterns. Or, try diagonal planks to create interest and guide a visitors attention.

Creative Installation Methods


Health is trending with manufacturers like SLCC offering FloorScore certified products that meet strict AQMD air quality standards to give you the comfort of knowing your flooring will be free from VOCs and free from harmful phthalates.

Health Conscious


Choose an Expert Installer

A foundational part of any room remodel is the flooring. When it is time to renovate your floors be sure to contact Saddleback Carpet & Flooring for a free in-home consultation and measure.  100% customer satisfaction, and happy feet standing on quality flooring is our goal.